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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to German University Bangladesh’s e-Recruitment website.

The e-Recruitment website (“Website”) is a service operated and delivered by HR Department of GUB. Please carefully read these Terms and Conditions of Use relating to the University’s e-Recruitment website. When you submit your application you will be required to tick a box to finally submit your complete application successfully show that you have consented to these Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use please do not input information or make any application for a vacancy on this Website.

If you have any technical questions regarding the administration of this Website you can write to us at the following email address- hr@GUB.edu.bd

The term “Applicant(s)” means a user of this Website.

Section: 1 Process for use of this Website

1.1 Before applying for a vacancy on this Website the Applicant must set up a user account by registering their personal details and ticking the box indicating acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

This website is open to everyone and will host the University’s adverts for vacancies as they become available. The Applicant’s application form will be stored online and will be available to view post submission. If the Applicant wishes to apply for another vacancy at the University a copy of a previous application form may be made, amended as appropriate and submitted. All inactive applications will be deleted by the University after a period of year.

1.2 Typically the Applicant will be required to input the following personal information:

  •  Personal details
  •  Employment history
  •  Education and qualifications
  •  Relevant training and courses
  •  Membership of relevant professional bodies
  •  List of Publications
  •  Personal Statement
  •  Computer Skills
  •  References
  •  Questionnaire
  •  Upload Recent Passport Size Photo and Other Supporting Documents (if any)
  •  Declaration

1.3 To proceed with an application the Applicant must complete the online application form and include/attach the stated required minimum set of supporting documents and information. The personal information and supporting documents required will vary depending on each application and this will be stated in the advert for the vacancy and the application form.

1.4 Once an Applicant has registered with the University their records and information will be kept confidential by the University.

1.5 With the exception of Section 1.5 above the Applicant’s registration details will only be used for the purpose of any future applications for vacancies at the University. However the University will review and delete records of Applicants following a period of 2 years of inactivity, (or earlier at the discretion of the University) after which the Applicant will be required to make a fresh registration before applying for a new vacancy.

1.6 Where an Applicant is successful in their application subject to section 1.5 above the University will keep their information on a confidential basis as part of its Human Resources employee records. However if an application is unsuccessful information will be destroyed six months after the appointment of the successful candidate.

1.7 Any un-submitted applications cannot be seen by the University and will remain available for the Applicant to review or copy until they delete them or the University requests.

1.8 Once an application has been submitted it cannot be changed or added to. The Applicant may contact the HR Directorate and request that it is withdrawn. If the change is a change of referee then the Applicant may contact the HR Directorate who will make a separate note of this request.

1.9 The application form and supporting documents will be assessed against the advertised criteria by the University’s Human Resources Department and a vacancy selection panel. The University reserves the right to contact the Applicant using any of the information which they have submitted.

1.10 The University publishes information and guidance on its use of the equality and diversity information provided by Applicants and information and process for selection of individuals with past convictions is available upon request.

Section: 2 Declarations by Applicants

2.1 As part of an application on this Website the Applicant is required to make the following declaration:

a) I hereby confirm that the information I have provided as part of my application is accurate and complete;

b) I understand that if I provide false information or deliberately omit any relevant facts, it will result either in disqualification from the selection process or, where the discovery is made after my appointment, and it may make me liable to dismissal;

c) I understand that an offer of employment from the University will be subject to a satisfactory selection process and the receipt of two acceptable references, one of which must be from my current or most recent employer.

d) I hereby give my consent to be contacted by the University at any time regarding my application;

e) I hereby give consent for my information to be used and processed in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use of this eRecruitment website.

Section: 3 General provisions

Use of this Website is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

3.1 Any electronic acknowledgement of receipt of an application that the University may be provided and these Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement and understanding between the University and the Applicant and no other communication shall form any part of, or amend, this Agreement.

3.2 The contents of this Website (including these Terms and Conditions of Use) are subject to change by the University without prior notice. The University reserves the right to terminate the Applicant’s use of this Website for any reason without notice.

3.3 The applicant is responsible for providing accurate and truthful information to the University and the Applicant must not provide false or misleading information. The applicant may not use this Website to commit any criminal or immoral act.

3.5 The applicant is responsible for keeping their user name and password confidential. If the Applicants user name and password are compromised in any way the Applicant must immediately inform the University at the address above by email.

3.6 The applicant acknowledges and agrees as that the information and services supplied by the University to the Applicant may contain inaccuracies or errors and in particular the University expressly excludes liability to the Applicant howsoever arising for any such inaccuracies or errors in the materials and information to the fullest extent permitted by law.

3.8 The applicants are use of any information or materials on this Website shall be entirely at their own risk, for which the University shall not be liable. In particular without limitation to the foregoing the Applicant agrees that the University will not be liable to the Applicant for any consequential loss, damages, costs, expenses, or other claims that may be incurred arising out of the Applicant’s use of the information and materials.

3.9 It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that any services or information available through this website meets their specific requirements. However, nothing herein shall be construed as attempting to limit or exclude liability for personal injury or death.

3.10 The University does not accept liability for any loss or corruption of data held on the Applicant’s computer, or for any other loss or damage of any kind that occurs to the Applicant’s computer as a result of accessing this Website. The University will not be liable to the Applicant howsoever for any interruption in their system, computer viruses, or communication failures.

3.11 The contents of this website, and the information and materials provided on it, are the copyright of the University and the name and logo of German University Bangladesh are the property of the University. Any reproduction of the contents of this Website or use of the University name and logo is strictly prohibited.

3.15 Unauthorized use of this Website may give rise to a claim for damages and/or constitute a criminal offence.

3.16 The applicant may not create a link to this Website from another website or document without the University’s prior consent.

3.17 This website is operated by us in Bangladesh and the data is stored in the University makes no representation that the information or materials provided on this Website is appropriate or legal in other locations.

3.20 The University may at its discretion amend these Terms and Conditions of Use or change the processes or delivery of the services on this Website at any time.